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40, 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Appropriate Review & buying guide


Going tankless has been a vogue now but still, the tank-type water heaters are pretty popular with the household of different sizes. Multiple storage capacities and the low budget cost gets it going even popular. Tank-type water heaters save money and time though not space. But with small and medium container sizes available, you can now think of indoor water heater tank. We, in these reviews, will go for the mid size 40, 50 gallon electric water heater units. In this tank electric hot water guide, I will highlight the brands manufacturing tank hot water units with the latest features. Few big names among them are Rheem, Reliance, Westinghouse, and A. O. Smith which have already occupied a dignified position in the water heating industry for ensuring comfort, convenience, benefits, and endurance.

Rheem tank water heaters will hold a significant space in this review with its ProfessionalTM Line series models and PerformanceR Line series models. Both the models are Energy Star certified, assure high first-hour delivery, offer exclusive features and excellence grade quality along with high energy factor.

O. Smith will stand out glaring with its ProLineR and VoltextR Hybrid electric models assuring you of the max flow rate at the first hour delivery and 92% thermal efficiency among the highest any tank water heater enjoys. Water heaters of these companies are designed to be environment –friendly and corrosive water resistant.

Now see the Reliance standard series offering you the longest warranty and Sta-Kleen feature keeps the bottom of the tank clear of sediment build-up and mineral deposits. This system is responsible for its longer lifespan and continuous performance.

Let’s conclude our introduction of the guide by sharing the exclusive features of Westinghouse 40, 50 gallons electric water heater. This is the most energy efficient water heater reviewed in this article which also saves your money and lasts longer with its stainless steel construction.


Now let us start our brand by brand review tank-type heaters.

What is the best 40, 50 gallon electric water heater of Rheem?

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As mentioned already Rheem ProfessionalTM Line series and PerformanceR Line series are the quality tank-type water heaters. I will pick only the 40, 50-gallon electric water heater of the two models. The two said hot water units of Rheem are the solution for every house and budget.

Rheem ProfessionalTM Line 40, 50 gallons:

Basic Features:

✔ Energy Factor:

The efficiency of this tank water heater of Rheem Prestige series is among the highest. I can extract 93% of the total heat and doesn’t lose heat while exchanging heat to the water. The dual stainless steel heating element delivers 4500 watts of electricity.

✔ Performance:

In the first hour of the operation, the 40-gallon unit can deliver 54 gallons and the 50 gallons unit can flow out 64 gallons of water in an hour. Rheem 40, 50-gallon unit users will enjoy the recovery rate of 25 gph at 90 F rise. With the said performance it can meet hot water demand of a medium house with more than one bathrooms, several showers and shower heads, dishwasher, and washing machine.

Rheem Prestige EverKleen self-cleaning system cleans the sediment grow-up and thus ensures clean and safe hot water delivery. This particular feature saves money and energy and contributes to improving efficiency and performance.

✔ Rheem Exclusive Features:

Some tank exclusive features introduced by Rheem are Super Sentinel Diagnostic System controls varieties of operating models – leak protection at an alarm and Digital thermostat monitor.

EconetTM Technology which is wifi-compatible and operates with a mobile app. By customizing the app you can set your convenient temperature. This Rheem Prestige model allows vacation setting, energy savings, and system control both in residential and outdoor setup. It has water sensor system that senses water presence outside the unit and instantly sends an alert notification to the homeowner.

It is designed and engineered with a protection against over-heating that signal the hot water unit to go off with the power to protect further rise in the temperature. Rheem professional prestige series has introduced an easy and smart installing with attaching electric junction box above the heating components.


  • Nominal capacity is the actual storage capacity
  • A protection against overheating that drive it off the power
  • Wifi-compatible and operates with mobile app
  • Digital thermostat monitor
  • High energy efficiency
  • Tank and parts have 12 years of warranty


  • Sometimes may puke rusty water
  • Customer care keeps customers hang on
  • Wifi is not as active as advertised
  • Parts may require replacement after one year

✔ Bottomline:

Rheem PerformsnceTM Line 40, 50 Gallon Electric water heater

This is known as the Performance Plus Series: High-Efficiency Electric is far more efficient than the Plus series tank electric heater of Rheem. It is evident from the very tag that this traditional hot water source is engineered and designed for a longer lifespan, top performance, high efficiency, and a budget cost almost a steal for the benefits.

Let us fist go for the phenomenal numbers Rheem Performance Platinum series offers us.

The energy factor will make our mouth gaping as it can extract as high as 93% heat not less than any tankless hot water source. With this efficiency, it will for sure save a fabulous amount of money over the long term. Isolated tank design improves both the life efficiency and performance.

✅ It can deliver at least 52 gallons and max 63 gallons in the first hour of the job.

✅ Recovery rate is 21-25 gph as phenomenal as the numbers already mentioned


✔ Self-cleaning & electronic LED system:

What is very basic with tank type water heaters is that they can clean themselves of the sediment grow-up normal to any aquatic container. It along with over-heating protectors contributes highly to improving the performance of the machine. The auto-cleaning ability saves energy as heat can travel faster upwards after cleaning. The sediment build up is a bar to the exchange of heat.

The smart LED system enables the user to track the heating elements and thermostat option. It makes it easy and simple to read the display.


  • As high as Dual 5500 or dual 4500-watt copper heating elements
  • The standard grade anode stick increases the performance and durability
  • Compatible with several electric programs concerning utility
  • Installation made hassle free by the electric junction box setting on top of the tank
  • Temperature sensitive over-heating protector cuts off power at unnatural power hike


  • performance depends on the mercy of surrounding heat
  • difference between nominal and actual capacity
  • grows sediment at the bottom causing the
  • water dirty

Lets us check the Reliance 40, 50 gallon electric water heater.

Reliance 40, 50 Gallon Medium Electric Water Heaters

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Reliance tank type water heater

Reliance manufactures and markets several types of water tank type electric water heaters of 40, 50 gallon capacity. 12 40 EARS Medium is the model we are after that suits our capacity, efficiency and performance demand. These are the most sophisticated and sought after Reliance water heaters as per the market analysis and consumers go. Now we will see whether the said model can withstand our test with its features and benefits.

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Unlike every other water heater reviews in this guide, I will start Reliance model review with its exclusively engineered sediment build-up removing technology. It is already better known as the given company tag- Sta-Kleen auto-cleaning feature. It not only reduces mineral deposits at the bottom rather suck up all the dirt. This Reliance only Sta-Kleen cleaning technology makes heater life longer than traditional counterparts. It also phenomenally improves the efficiency and performance of the traditional type hot water unit.

The premium grade heavy duty anode rod and high quality Incoloy heating components play an over-the-board role to make it a high recovery first-hour delivery hot water source. It offers an excellent set of numbers- recovery rate 25 gallons per hour, highest first-hour delivery rate, and the Uniform Energy Factor of over 0.9. In short, a house with 4 members can enjoy hot water delivery with their heart’s content.

✔ Advanced Features:

It introduces Touch Screen Electronic User Interface that enables setting temperature mode safely lock feature.

The mecha nical parts it is designed with are too durable to wear out. And the thermostat option is more sophisticated than the conventional electromechanical thermostat.

The Dry Fire Protection bar the water heaters from switching on until the tank is full to the neck.

The smart LCD screen displays the Diagnostic Feedback through User Interface hose codes.

✔ Technical Specifications:

Description 40 Gallon 50 Gallon
Nominal Capacity5040
Actual Capacity4537
Uniform Energy Factor.93.95
Digital DisplayYesYes
Family Size34
Self Cleaning TechnologyYesYes
Max Wattage6,0006,000
Water Pipe LocationTopTop
Water Pipe Size3/43/4
First Hour Rating60 Gallons81 Gallons
Recovery Rating25 GPH30 GPH
DimensionsHeight50̋ 60̋
Diameter20 1/2̋22̋
Width20 1/2̋22̋
Depth20 1/2̋22̋
LCD ScreenYesYes
Overheating ProtectionYesYes

Endowed with temperature and pressure relief valve


  • This model is highly efficient with top recovery and first-hour rate
  • Designed with overheating protection technology
  • Sta-Kleen Auto-clean system scrubs up mineral dirt deposit
  • Heating elements are bigger than traditional rival water heaters


    • shorter labour warranty
    • the phenomenal gap between the said and actual capacity
    • report of blowing up at lighting

Now the time to go for 40, 50 Gallon electric water heater with the big name Westinghouse in the water heating industry.


Westinghouse Electric Tank Water Heater – 40, 50 Gallon

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Westinghouse water heater is a big name in the industry for its quality construction and huge hot water delivery with low energy consumption. It is smartly engineered and designed with stainless steel parts that have made it durable and efficient.

The sophisticated team of engineers designed its interior cleverly to reach the cold water to the bottom of the water heater tank. There the heating elements start heating the fresh water and reduce the mixing of hot and cold water. Thus a considerable energy is saved as the newly entered cold water doesn’t cool the existing hot water. A deep survey of the benefits and features will show us why Westinghouse hot water source has been an ideal choice among the household owners.

✔ Go for Westinghouse numbers:

  • The actual storage capacity of this particular Westing house model is 40, 50 gallons. The 40 & 50-gallon electric tank aqua heater enjoys a 64 & 66 gallons first-hour delivery rate nearly the same. The recovery rate for the two size is 20 gallons per hour at max 90ᵒ F.
  • It has a low-density 5500 wattage that enables it extract heat to reach the Uniform Energy Factor of 0.95. It’s a high voltage hot water unit with no anode rod needed as the stainless steel construction compensates for energy and performance.
  • It’s an indoor installation with the dimensions of 56 ½*19 ½ inches and the 118-pound weight have made it a not-so-big tank type water heater.

Performance and Durability:

The 316L stainless steel interior and exterior construction extended the lifespan of the heating machine. This rocky construction will certainly add to the performance of the boiler. This durability boosts up its serviceability and a confident lifetime warranty is no doubt the result of this build-up.

The low stand by heat losses significantly has increased the performance and the efficiency of this electric tank water heater which feature enables it to stands out glaring among the myriads of the hot aqua sources.

The cold water enters through the bottom water connection and the hot water flow out through the top water connection. The size of the water connection is less than one inch and larger diameter than the traditional ones—water pipe ¾ inch.

It can bust as high as at 170ᵒ F out of which it delivers 150ᵒ F to the max. The minimum temperature is 110ᵒ F but it does not struggle in flow rate at the lowest temperature.


  • Life-extending stainless steel construction
  • Energy saving heating elements and interior design to heat cold water at entrance
  • Warranted serviceability earns good customer review
  • High first-hour delivery rate


  • No anode rod is used inside
  • Innovative and smart features still not implemented by the manufacturer
  • A bit over priced than the competing brands


The price is a bit higher than the competing brands of electric tank boilers. But the benefits of low stand by heat losses, high delivery rate, and the best in the industry lifetime warranty super match the price.

A. O. Smith 40, 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

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A hot water company that has been in the top position for 120 years since its inception is not only for its sustainability and innovation rather their constant endeavour to be innovative both at the production level and application level. The choice of the materials and part of the construction level leads to the earned efficiency of the finished products. For its innovation in design, construction, and application, the ProlilnlelR 40, 50 gallon electric hot water series ensures quality and lifetime serviceability.

Environment-friendly feature:

The Proline Standard Electric water heater, engineered and designed with eco-friendly and Non-CFC foam insulation feature to reduce standby heat losses, is the hot water unit to maximize your hot water output. Its environment-friendly feature extends its life line, improves the hot aqua performance, and saves maximum operating cost.

✔ Proline Standard numbers:

This model has a stated capacity of 40, 50 gallons delivering 4500 watts both from upper and lower elements and the first-ho ur rating of Proline Standard is 57 gallons at the Uniform Energy Factor of 0.92. It has sturdy dimensions of 49 ¾*23*23*23 inches and a heavy weight of 161 pounds.

✔ Advance Features:

Proline also has the auto-cleaning system that scrubs up all the mineral dirt stored at the bottom of the tank providing the tank with improved hot delivery and competence. The PEX-cross linked polymer built DynaClean diffuser tube also helps reduce the lime and sediment piling up on the tank bed.

✔ A. O. Smith exclusive Anode Rod:

The Coregard™ anode rod is endowed with a stainless steel core that helps protect the tank from the acidic collision with water. It is designed to provide the tank with a superior protection, unlike other tanks. This is a 10 years warranty factor of Proline Standard water heater.

The construction, innovative design, and above constant effort to keep up to date with the standard industry level provide the best quality and service for the given tank size.


  • Dual 5500 watt elements for rapid recovery and sustainable service
  • Corrosion protective anode rod
  • Exclusively designed combustion channel ensures high efficiency and low operating cost
  • A. O. exclusive auto-clean system made from PEX crossed-linked polymer
  •  Non-CFC foam insulation decreases stand by heat losses


  • Actual storage capacity is less than the stated one
  • No digital display and LCD screen is set for simple and easy read
  • Recovery rate is not mentioned
  • No over-heating protection is mentioned

Buying Guide

These are all 40, 50 gallon electric water heater reviews presented before in these tank hot water heaters guides. The basic factors of tank water heaters are its storage capacities, quality heating elements, self-cleaning system, and overheating protection technology for the electric tank units. You must be after all the said factors while buying an electric tank water heater.

And the advanced features are the LCD and Touch Screen that can help consumer read the tank condition easily. The anode rod to protect the tank from corrosive water that is very crucial to the life span of the tank. But we have seen the Westinghouse can ably do without it for their superior stainless steel construction and design. The stand by heat losses technology is another advanced feature that saves energy and makes the water heater efficient in terms of using less energy but delivering more water. The various relief valves protect the tank from overheating and contribute to the extension of the parts life. These are all not the buying factors but the mentioned features are worth going for in affordable with a price not above the budget.

In this guide, all the water heaters highlighted in with the features not merely stated by the manufacturers but consumers’ user experience is taken seriously into consideration to give an effective guide line for any amateur buyer planning to set up a hot water source. Go to the link below to explore the specifications and to buy.

FAQs to answer to:

  • What are features to take as basic buying factors?

  • And: The factors mentioned in the first part of the buying guide are the basic factors you should not make a compromise with. But that doesn’t mean you will not compare the price among the rival brands for what added features you are paying more.
  • What more can the buyers go to for more ground-level data?

  • Ans: The only option left to know more about the user experience is the consumer’s reviews on the particular brands not other articles on the same topic.

Bottom line:

40, 50-gallon electric water heater guide has reviewed the best in category and tank size. The world-renowned brands and the models of them, we have picked up here, are just the answer to the house owners planning to go for tank electric heaters at an affordable price.

Quality comes with the price, especially when buying consumer products and these are the products with quality, service, innovative and latest technologies, durability, performance, and above all required amount of hot water presence.

Yes, some of the appliances claim a bit more than the competitors but not more than the quality and benefit they have on the offer. So, go tank-type with all those industry-leading big names- Rheem, Reliance, Westinghouse, and A. O. Smith.

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